A thrilling, love and hate, VR interactive movie Tour

The sudden car accident involved you, a detective, into serial killings.

With the in-depth investigation, you will find that the colorful city intertwined with the strength of the parties’ complot.

Only rely on your own hand to find the murderer, you can prevent the repeated fatal murder......

Product features

Interactive Movie Game

A more dramatic plot.Immersive experience of memorable shock story;Meet characters with rich charisma.Give players all previous emotional experiences.

Immersive Operation

Overall evolution of the traditional game experience, The dimension of the operation breaks though the controller limitation.


Present the tension of movies faithfully. Make the players experience the exciting feeling of blood spurt and adrenaline rush.

Story Fragments

Clues about the plot are cleverly hidden in everywhere of gaming. Careful reasoning and observation will help players clear the obstacles and find the truth.